“Planting Seeds for the Future” is an entrepreneurial/garden project based at Border Star Elementary School in Kansas City, Missouri. Working with students in grades 4-6 “Planting Seeds” weaves together themes of financial literacy, small business development, creative writing, and critical thinking all centered on the student run and maintained urban garden. Upper Elementary students will have the opportunity to create their own businesses, with unique marketing, logos and sales ideas generated by the students’ research and production in raised garden beds. Students will maintain journals, create visual art and creative writing projects, conduct research, explore issues of health and wellness, organic gardening, sustainability as well as social and environmental issues centered on food. Planting Seeds seeks to implement steps designed to engage students in positive creative actions, analytical and critical thinking aimed at ending poverty and creating socially & environmentally conscious citizens. Planting Seeds for the Future is made possible by a generous grant from the United Services Community Action Agency and is sponsored through the University of Missouri-Kansas City Division of Diversity, Access & Equity.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Grow lights and a jump on Spring

This past week the students finally got a chance to get back outside and to actually plant something.  Still too early for the actual garden beds, the students dusted off the grow lights and planted a variety of spring seeds including Arugula, Cilantro, Spinach, Broccoli, some Cabbage and a beautiful gourmet salad greens mix.  The students worked as teams with each team in charge of one variety and each team will also take rotating responsibilities for watering and grow light maintenance.   The seeds have only been in the soil for six days and we already have sprouts.  We are off to a great start on our spring schedule.  Thanks to Andrea and the entire staff of Kansas City Community Gardens for all your help and guidance.

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